Monday, June 27, 2005

ALA Quiet

Everyone where I work is away at the ALA conference.
So, I was reading bloggers at the conference to see what was
going on
Thing 1)

and TALIS.
"Library systems, traditionally, tend towards the monolithic. They are big, they are complex, and they are pretty proprietary. On the whole, the only way for someone to get at the content they store is via the web based interface (and you can see what I think about them) or using complex protocols such as Z39.50."
This is what we have to fight against, and I am glad to see
silkwork/TALIS working on this.

Thing 2)
LITA blog to quote, "The OPAC sucks."

Thing 3)
We have to make our library systems
fit with other system using web services, AJAX, or WEB 2.0.


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