Sunday, August 12, 2007

Institute of Network Cultures

Poets have descended from the peaks, which they believed
themselves to be established. They have gone out into the
streets, they have insulted their masters, they have no gods any
longer and dared to kiss beauty and love on the mouth.

Paul Eluard

quoted in The Principle of Notworking
Concepts in Critical Internet Culture,Geert Lovink.

and another quote, from geert lovink,
So far, the educational sector has been slow in terms of adapting network technolo
gies. Institutional infighting between existing disciplines has prevented
higher education to become truly innovative. Universities worldwide are in
the iron grip of Microsoft. The use of free and open source software is mar-
ginal, if not straight-out forbidden. ...
Speaking of 2005, the study of mobile devices is still in a premature phase.
Networks constantly undermine the
stable boundaries between inside and outside. While networks provoke a
sense of liberation they install themselves into everyday life as ideal
machines for control.

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