Sunday, May 23, 2010

How we became posthuman

Hayes distinguishes between the presence/abscence axis, and the pattern/randomness axis. Traditionally, the focus of the economy was on 'possession' -- the presence of resources within the control of an entity. In the postmodern economy -- the information is the key axis/focus . This is simply common information economy manifesto-speak. However, Hayes analyzes the possibility of the dematerialization of information more deeply. is it really possible to cyborgize humanity? isn't it true that all information has to be present in some manifestation?

"even though information provides the basis for much of contemporary society, it is never present in itself."

Because they have bodies, books and people have something to lose if they are regarded solely as informational patterns, namely the resistant materiality that has traditionally marked the experience of reading no less than it has marked the experience of living as embodied creatures.

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