Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"IBM and EPFL Join Forces to Uncover the Secrets of Cognitive Intelligence"

Big Blue announces Neuro mapping project : I don't know enough about neuroanatomy
to comment on this "secrets of cognitive intelligence" but I really doubt that
mapping the brain will actually reveal this. As the previous post noted,
and as noted in other literature - it's probable (in my HO) that
cognitive intelligence is not just one thing, and that it is
an emergent property - rules unfolding over time create the structure, and
make possible the functioning. Looking at a map of a chess board will neither
tell you the rules, nor how the game got that way.
Neither will looking at a particular configuration of a Life board.
So, I doubt this business about "secrets of cognitive, etc", but
modeling the functioning of the brain may actually reveal as the researchers say:

Scientists also hope to understand more about how and why certain microcircuits in the brain malfunction -- thought to be the cause of psychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and depression.


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